Deacons Ministry

The early church in Acts 6 chose the first Deacons. They were to be men of faith, wisdom, and full of the Spirit. Their primary responsibility was to direct the secular matters of the church so that the apostles could give themselves completely to the ministry of prayer and the Word. The Board of Deacons operates as a part of the Church and Pastor’s Council and handles the finances of the church. Each Deacon has also been assigned an area of responsibility within the church. If you have a concern in one of the following areas, please see the Deacon who is responsible for that area.

Elders Ministry

The appointment of a Board of Elders in the local church is a very important step toward the development of a New Testament ministry. The Apostle Paul mentioned three groups of people in each local church when he wrote to the church at Philippi “…and to the Saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi with the bishops (elders) and deacons”.

The Board of Elders operates as a part of the Church and Pastor’s Council and handles the spiritual matters of the church. The Elders assist the Senior Pastor and the Pastoral staff in providing for the spiritual care and needs of the church body. Elders assist in the following areas: Baby Dedications, Hospital Visitations, Baptisms, as well as many other areas within the body.

The Oversight Ministry was birthed in order to assist the Senior Pastor in ensuring that the body would be ministered to. The Oversight Groups are hosted by the elders and they will provide a small group for you and other families to connect through fellowship and ministry. It is our goal for each regular attender and member to have an elder who will be available to minister to you and your family. There will also be times of food, fun, and fellowship within each of the groups.